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On average, a physician in the U.S. will see 20 patients a day and write two prescriptions per patient visit. That’s a national average of 40 prescriptions a day that that these patients will have to fill at a local pharmacy!

But when you work with POP Medical, you will have the ability to fill some prescriptions in your own office — increasing practice revenues and providing a greater level of service and convenience to patients.

Why Consider Physician Dispensing?

POP Medical is a supplier of select pharmaceuticals for physician dispensing nationwide. For North Carolina, Virginia, and South Carolina, we offer a full selection of medications. Practices and doctor’s offices everywhere are implementing pharmacy dispensing options because they are easy to fulfill, cost-effective, and offer a differentiation from other practices.

POP Medical is the medical supply company who can help you set up a custom dispensing program. Key benefits include:

  • Continuity and quality of care
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Enhanced revenue stream
  • Simple and efficient implementation

POP Medical's Dispensing program furnishes prepackaged medication and the practice offers it to the patient. The patient leaves with the medication he or she needs, without additional trips to a pharmacy. Typically, at a lower or equal price.

Become a POP Medical Member & Fill Prescriptions in Your Own Practice

Our pharmaceutical products offer value and convenience to both physicians and their patients. Patients who are sick, in pain, post-op, or simply too busy will appreciate the convenience and security that come with receiving their medications directly from their healthcare provider. This program also offers your patients a time-saving alternative to long waits at the pharmacy.

Call POP Medical today to learn how our Rx Dispensing program can give your practice an edge in the medical world.

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